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Does the photograph below look familiar? If YES then your are one of millions whom still own a rewireable Wylex fuse board (consumer unit).


Perhaps it is time you changed that old board to a new MCB (miniature circuit breaker) board with Dual RCD (Residual Circuit Device) protection. Example a board which protects all your electrical circuits and allows safe use of outdoor appliances like hedge trimmers and electric lawn mowers and additional protection against electric shock.

Advantages of a new consumer unit:

A new consumer unit avoids the nuisance of replacing wires or fuses, which is dangerous if the wrong fuse wire or fuse is used.

New MCB boards are more sensitive and trip out much quicker when a dangerous fault occurs.

Are LESS likely to cause a fire if installed properly by a qualified electrical contractor like Davies Electrical

Look more attractive, especially when in full view and are installed with "spare" way circuits.

Provide RCD 30ma protection for sockets, lights, cooker , etc and all wiring within your walls! which are requirements of BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. As any wire within 50mm of the surface of a wall requires additional protection.

If you require an estimate for a new fuse box (consumer unit) please contact us as below. All our consumer unit installations include earthing upgrades where required by BS7671 current

We now fit 17th Edition BS7671 Consumer Units. These units have TWO RCD 30ma units and circuits can be installed to avoid nuisance tripping, by mixing circuits like upstairs lighting with downstairs sockets