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Contemplating a complete rewire is a huge undertaking but very worthwhile in updating your home electrics to meet current regulations and safety standards. A rewire will also make the electrical wiring in your home more capable of meeting today's demands in terms of electrical appliances.

If your electrical wiring was installed several years ago it is likely that the installation was not planned to accommodate the level of electrical equipment that you have today. You probably don't have enough sockets in the right places and your appliances may be overloading electrical circuits. You may also want additional lighting or power to a garage or shed. We can fix all this for you in one go and will make the
experience as stress-free as possible for you.rewire

Making Your Rewire Less Stressful
It is helpful if you consider rewiring your home before you undertake a lot of decorating as creating new sockets and moving lights and switches does create mess and often redecorating becomes necessary in some rooms. Some of my customers ask me how they should prepare their home in advance, before my arrival on day one. Obviously the easiest time to have a rewire is before you move in! However, if you are still living in the property it helps if you can reduce general clutter and large items of furniture are moved a
short distance from the wall.

What are the benefits of completely rewiring your home?
Firstly you can feel reassured that the wiring in your home is clean, new and safe and will also meet your demands on it. Also, if you decide to sell your home, a recent rewire will help your sale to go through as there should be no nasty surprises when surveys including a review of the electrics in your home take place. You can also get rid of all those trailing cables and extension leads and reduce the risk of
overloading electrical circuits. Imagine having power exactly where you want it! We offer advice and detailed quotations for domestic rewires free of charge with no obligation. we will visit you to discuss what you require and provide a written estimate as well as references if you wish to take these up. Whether you then choose to go ahead is up to you! I can advise about choices of lighting and save you a lot of time in shopping around for prices for lights. A typical rewire for a 2 bedroom house starts from £1800( dependent upon exact requirements